Investment Asset AllocationIn this section you will find Fundamental Trends investment ideas and model portfolios. Fundamental Trends offers investment ideas in three categories: Stocks, Options & ETFs.

My stock ideas come from fundamentally screened companies that come from three different lists: Fundamental Leaders, Emerging Leaders and Cyclical Leaders. Those are whittled down to my famous "Very Short List" which includes 50-60 of the world's most compelling companies. 

My ETF ideas come from asset classes and sectors that offer compelling value and growth. Often we are simply buying at the bottoms of intermediate term cycles with the idea that we will hold the position for a few years as it reverts to mean. Other times there are more secular trends at work that simpy make the asset class a long-term leader. 

I do my own primary research, as well as, review dozens of other's research. By leveraging the research of many, we can find the few investments that make the most sense for generating growth and income.

Option trades are provided for people who are looking to leverage growth ideas, to generate extra income or to hedge a long portfolio. These swing trades generally require experience, but we are able to teach you over time. Visit the CBOE Learning Center to learn the basics.

What truly makes this investment letter different is my approach to buying and selling which is managed for risk differently than most others. I make extensive use of "limit orders" and cash-secured put option selling to scale into positions at the low-end of price ranges. We seek to avoid the middle of the market, because we do not know which way prices will go from those levels. By focusing on buying the lower levels of long-term price ranges we can greatly reduce risk. (See my TipRanks ranking.)