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Welcome to the Fundamental Trends blog. Here I cover macro themes with my Macro Dashes, you can access some of our previously embargoed investment research and I do a little house cleaning.

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Fundamental Trends Blog

Greek Elections

I waited until the Greek elections were in to write this. What we have learned now is that Greece is indeed going to play hardball with the Troika and Germany. There is no telling what this might entail. My bet against the Euro which I described on Scutify in detail […]

Secular Bear Market So Far
Fundamental Trends Blog


This past week continued the volatility that we have been warning about and following. While Friday ended the week on a postive note, we are not sure how long that can last. As you can see on our webcast, the market remains under pressure despite some up days which are […]

Fundamental Trends Blog


The markets continue to exhibit volatility that hasn’t been regularly present in a few years. While markets are not as volatile as 2011 yet, the end of QE in the U.S. and economic challenges around the globe signal that the easy to ride Fed reflation is over.  Algorithmically, we see […]

U.S. Stock Indexes
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Fundamental Trends for the New Year

Over the past few decades with the rise of a financial media that is always looking for something to say, the flow of information to the public has become more polluted. It has gotten to the point that investment news almost completely ignores politically non-biased economic thought or the fundamental analysis […]