Chat And Commenting Update

Going forward, as originally intended, only RARE Investing members will get the chat access which features our swing trading, including updated charting and Q&A on trade ideas.

Member only articles are now open for commenting and asking questions. You must be a logged in subscriber to comment. All new articles will be open for questions for a limited time after publication. Simply scroll to the bottom of the article to comment or ask a question.

I am notified of all comments and will answer questions several times per week and discuss in the Tuesday Ask Me Anything investment webinar. So, if you have questions, put into the comments after relevant articles.


  1. Just a thanks for moving chat back to RARE (which I do not subscribe to) as short term swing trading is not my goal and hence I found access to it more of a distraction. Quite happy with Global Trends ETF and Growth offerings.

  2. I think having topical comments by article will be very helpful for people. So, just ask a question on any article and I get alerted. I’ll generally answer within a day or two.

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