T2 is seeking to fill an unmet need for Sepsis testing. Sepsis has been dramatically on the rise the past two decades killing many.

The company has a date with the FDA closing in for its T2 Bacteria panel. If approved, the company would take a lead in the testing for Sepsis.

I have not had the time to do a deep dive recently, but the story remains the same. If the T2 Bacteria panel gets FDA approval, it's already in use in Europe, it will be a sizable improvement over existing blood based tests for Sepsis which can take 2-3 days to render a diagnosis vs the 6-8 hours for T2. 

Why is that time delay so significant? Because by the 3rd day Sepsis often kills you.

I have a very small position in the stock. With the drop today, I am considering taking a call position on speculation they get FDA approval.

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