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Retirement Income Options

Retirement Income Options 2/9/2021

This week’s Retirement Income Options ideas for selling covered calls and cash-secured puts. This week we use a special combo strategy to help accumulate a stock we want and generate double income. For Retirement Income Options members and RARE members only. Sign-up today if you aren’t already a member.

Getting Started With Fundamental Trends

Technical Trading Basics & Buy Zones

After considering the big trends, fundamentals, and government & central bank policy, it is time to figure out when to buy and sell. Basic technical analysis can help investors put the odds on their side quicker and grind out several extra points per year with little effort. Technical trading experts can make even more with the right temperament. Learn more about when to buy and sell using simple technical signals.

Fundamental Trends Blog

Gold And Gold Stocks, Or, Gold Or Gold Stocks?

Here we have a quick take on whether to own a physical gold ETF, gold stocks or both. Given the amount of money printing going on and more coming soon, gold is likely to have a resurgent bull market that has been a long time coming. We see gains of 200-400% in the next 5-10 years. You will need a Global Trends ETF membership or higher to see this piece.